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Sword swallowing is the ancient art of pushing a blade past the mouth, down the throat, and into the stomach of a performer. As you can certainly imagine, this is an extremely dangerous art – and incredibly exciting to watch!

True sword swallowers are exceedingly rare since their craft offers absolutely no margin for error. With just a tiny slip, a shake, or (heaven forbid) a sneeze, things can go very badly very quickly. That’s why there are a number of devices – most notably collapsible swords – which are often employed by performers to give the illusion of the act. At EPIC Entertainment, our sword-swallowing performers use no such device.

Our sword swallowers use real swords – no tricks and no special effects. The blades of our swords are made of actual steel. Our practiced sword swallowers don’t use props, nor is our performance an illusion where the performer pretends to swallow the sword.

EPIC Entertainment offers genuine sword-swallowing acts, which have taken our performers years of practice to perfect, creating one of the most intense shows in Austin, Texas.

Performing in the traditional sideshow style, our performers will amaze you as they run through a truly awe-inspiring range of remarkable feats. This range of talent makes them ideal as a featured act for any venue, but they are also able to engage guests as ambient performers as well. Whatever type of show you choose, your guests will certainly be amazed at the range and spectacle of these amazing stunts.

Our performers do much more than just sword swallowing, though, and you may also see a classic bed of nails routine or an incredible glass walking display in addition to our a truly epic sword swallowing show. Contact us today to learn more!

sword swallower austin tx
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How long does it take for your sword swallower to set up?

It takes our sword swallowers about 20 minutes to set up for a show.

Is the show OK for children?

Yes. The show is OK for all ages. At EPIC Entertainment, we work hard to ensure that our acts are family friendly, and can be adapted to fit whatever our clients request. We generally recommend this show for ages 13 and up, however.

How much space do we need to provide?

A performance area of 12 feet by 12 feet is preferable, but a space as small as 4 by 8 feet will work.

What will I need to provide?

Nothing but space! Our sword swallower is completely self-sufficient.